【TOMO雙語爆】當心 智能汽車恐成駭客攻擊目標

出版時間:2015/11/04 21:37


現代汽車越來越仰賴科技,同時也成為駭客攻擊的高風險族群。根據Cambridge News,現代汽車越來越仰賴科技,同時也成為駭客攻擊的高風險族群。根據Cambridge News,去年光是在倫敦,軟體漏洞就導致超過6000台車被竊盜。

今年七月,一位連線(Wired)雜誌的記者示範如何用筆記型電腦無線入侵克萊斯勒Jeep Cherokee的系統。透過入侵汽車的移動網路來改寫硬體設定,這項展演示範如何遠端連線上這台汽車。



As modern cars become increasingly reliant on technology  it also leaves them highly susceptible to hacking. Last year, according to Cambridge News, Londoners experienced more than 6000 vehicle thefts city due to hacking. 

A car hack demonstration involving a Wired journalist in July showed hackers controlling a Chrysler Jeep Cherokee wirelessly from a laptop. They managed to gain remote access to the car by exploiting the vehicle celluar network and rewriting firmware on one of its chips.

Hackers have also been reported to gain access to cars through Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections. Once connected, hackers may extract binary code, reverse engineer software, tamper with it and send the corrupted program back to the car. The hacker can potentially control everything from the brakes and doors, to the airbags and engine.

It is estimated that by 2020, 75% of cars shipped globally will have Internet connectivity.  



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