Taiwan Opens Its First Lighthouse Museum

臺灣首座 燈塔文物館開幕


Since the earliest lighthouse was built in Tamsui in 1796, Taiwan has relied on these iconic buildings to keep boats safe in the rough waters that circle the island. Many of these lighthouses, 36 in total dotted around the coast, are still in use today. However, new technologies, such as improved GPS systems, have made lighthouses not as important as they once were. Their place on Taiwan’s coasts is safe because they are regarded as popular landmarks, and some of them have even become popular tourist spots. Around 1.2 million people visit the lighthouses every year, according to the Maritime and Port Bureau.


臺灣自從最早的燈塔在 1796 年的淡水建造之後,便開始仰賴這些具指標性的建築物來確保環島洶湧水域內的船隻安全。這些分布在沿海地區、一共三十六座的燈塔中,現在有許多仍在使用中。然而新科技,像是優化全球定位系統,已使這些燈塔的重要性不如以往。它們在臺灣海岸的地位很穩固,因為它們被視為受大眾喜愛的地標,而其中有些甚至已成為熱門觀光景點。據交通部航港局統計,每年約有一百二十萬人次參觀燈塔。


rough a. 風浪大的,有暴風雨的
The brave guy swam through rough seas to reach the coast after his boat had sunk.
in total  總共
Two hundred students in total signed up for the new group exercise class.
be dotted around sth  遍佈某地
Many of Mary’s paintings are dotted around her house.



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