【TOMO雙語爆】阿拉巴馬警察酒測連開九槍 行車紀錄器全都錄



網站AL.com報導,10月31日晚間11點50分左右,歐佩萊卡市警察Jared Greer 試圖攔車盤問一起交通違規。但是車主繼續駕駛,於是警匪以慢速追逐持續七分鐘,最後車子停在卡曼契路上的一戶房屋前。

駕駛為56歲的Bennie Lee Tignor,他下車並試圖進入房裡,但是被警官Greer抓住。歐佩萊卡市警方稱,Tignor並不服從警察的命令,而且拒捕。當Tignor手持一把小型手槍揮舞,警官Greer擔心生命安危,向Tignor開火九槍。



The Lee County District Attorney’s office yesterday made public dashcam footage showing an Opelika, Alabama police officer fatally shooting an armed man at a traffic stop.

AL.com reports that around 11:50 p.m. on Oct. 31, Opelika police officer Jared Greer attempted to stop a vehicle for an unspecified traffic offense. Instead of stopping, the driver continued on, prompting a slow, seven-minute pursuit that ended when the car came to a stop outside a house on Comanchee Drive.

The driver, Bennie Lee Tignor, 56, got out of the vehicle and attempted to enter the house but was detained by Officer Greer. Opelika police have said that Tignor did not comply with Greer’s commands and was resisting arrest. When Tignor brandished a small pistol, Greer, fearing for his life, shot Tignor nine times.

Tignor was taken to the hospital but later died of his injuries. Greer was cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident this month, after a grand jury refused to indict him.


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