【TOMO雙語爆】行車紀錄器翻案 惡警槍殺少年



去年十月,警察工會(the Fraternal Order of Police)告訴芝加哥論壇報,17歲的Laquan McDonald當時毒發中,當他看見一群警察後,他開始破壞警車的輪胎。

警方稱,少年撲向警察Jason Van Dyke,Jason隨即防衛開槍,擊中少年的胸部,造成少年死亡。在這裡,警方的供詞便與證據相牴觸,產生爭議。



自由記者Brandon Smith提出資訊自由的請願之後, 一則行車紀錄器影片被公布,證明少年在被擊斃之前,並沒有撲向警察Jason。



Newly released evidence in a Chicago police officer’s October 2014 killing of a 17-year-old contradicts initial accounts from the time.

Last October the Fraternal Order of Police told the Chicago Tribune that 17-year-old Laquan McDonald punctured a police car tyre after being confronted by officers. McDonald was on PCP at the time.

They claim that he lunged at officer Jason Van Dyke, who opened fire in defense and killed him with a shot to his chest. It’s here where the evidence contradicts this initial account.

According to the prosecution, witnesses and other officers did not see McDonald lunge at Van Dyke. They say he fired 16 shots at McDonald in roughly 15 seconds.

Only two shots — to his right lower back and right upper leg — were fired while he was standing.The prosecution said McDonald also received gunshot wounds to his scalp, neck, chest, arms and legs.

This dashcam footage, released after freelance journalist Brandon Smith filed a freedom-of-information request, corroborates that McDonald did not lunge or advance at Van Dyke at any point prior to his death.

Hours prior to its Tuesday release, prosecutors ordered Van Dyke be held without bond on a charge of first degree murder.


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