【TOMO雙語爆】惡警被抓包 行車紀錄器推翻說詞


美國阿拉巴馬州伯明罕市的一名警察 Daniel Aguirr,在2014年四月逮捕兩名嫌疑強盜犯,其英勇事蹟獲得肉搏戰獎牌榮譽。


最初的報告描述兩名警官,Richard Hulska與Aguirre ,如何監視兩名嫌疑強盜犯。當警官Hulska 與其中一名21歲的嫌犯Devon Brown扭打時,警官Aguirre 對這名嫌犯使用電擊槍。

之後Aguirre 轉身對另一名嫌犯Aubrey Williams。伯明罕警察局這樣描述這起事件:




但是在行車紀錄器畫面中,當警官Aguirre接近這名24歲的嫌犯的時候,他的雙手與膝蓋都著地,並趴在地上。畫面中並沒有出現警察與嫌犯扭打、或者是Williams 把槍口指向警察的畫面。


傑佛森郡地方檢察官Matt Hart對這起謀殺未遂案稱:「就算影片裡沒有看見,不代表事情沒有發生過。」


Birmingham, Alabama police officer Daniel Aguirre was honored with the Combat Cross Medal for his actions in the April 2014 arrest of a pair of suspected robbers.

Six months later, he was stripped of that honor after dashcam video of the arrest surfaced revealing new details that are inconsistent with police records.

The initial report described how Officer Richard Hulska and Aguirre spotted two men matching the description of suspected robbers. A struggle between Hulska and one of the suspects, Devon Brown, ended when Aguirre used a stun-gun on the 21-year-old.

Aguirre then turned his attention toward the second suspect, Aubrey Williams. Here’s how Birmingham P.D. described the incident,

“Aguirre began to struggle with the second suspect who pulled a gun and pointed it at Hulska.”

“When he ordered the man to drop his gun, the suspect then pointed his gun at Aguirre.”

“Aguirre fired and struck the suspect. Both men were then arrested.”

The dashcam video shows the 24-year-old suspect on his hands and knees when Aguirre approaches him. There doesn’t appear to be a struggle and Williams doesn’t appear to be pointing a gun at the officer.

Williams survived the gunshots and was charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer. His lawyer says the video proves that his client did not point a gun at the officer. The area of contention is what was in William’s hand behind the plastic bag.

"Just because it's not on video, it doesn't mean it didn't occur," said Jefferson County District Attorney Matt Hart regarding the attempted murder charges.



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