The World’s Loveliest Station



Tourists love to visit America, and when they do, they usually make sure they stop in New York City. One place in New York City that ranks as one of the most visited destinations is Grand Central Terminal. Not to be confused with Grand Central Station, which is the post office across the street, this iconic train station is the largest in the world, with 44 platforms and 67 tracks. Every day, 750,000 people pass through Grand Central Terminal. Many of them stop to gaze at the ceiling, which is covered by constellations. Another famous part of Grand Central Terminal is the information booth. At the booth, the attendants answer more than 1,000 questions per hour while the famous four-faced clock stands above. As most visitors know, a visit to New York City would just not be complete without strolling through Grand Central Terminal.


觀光客喜歡去美國旅遊,他們來到美國時,通常都一定會在紐約市作停留。而紐約市最常被造訪的地點之一就是 ── 大中央車站。不要把大中央車站(Grand Central Terminal)和 Grand Central Station 搞混了,Grand Central Station 是車站對街的一間郵局,大中央車站是世界上最大的火車站,十分具有代表性,車站內有四十四個月台和六十七條軌道。每一天都有七十五萬人次經過大中央車站。當中有許多人會駐足凝望著覆滿星座圖的天花板。大中央車站內另一個大家都知道的地方是詢問處。詢問處裡的服務員每小時要回答一千多個問題,而著名的四面鐘就佇立在詢問處的上方。大部分的遊客都知道,來紐約市沒有到大中央車站走一遭的話,就不算是一趟完整的旅程。


◎be confused with... 和……混淆
→Cathy is often confused with her sister because they look so much alike.
◎pass through... 通過/穿過……
→On his way to Russia, the traveler passed through Mongolia.
◎cover (vt.) 覆蓋,遮蓋
→Ted was covered in mud after he fell into the pond.




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