The Mysteries of Magic



This March, the city of South Tyneside in England welcomes magicians and more to the 10th annual International Magic Festival. Many of the world’s best magicians, including illusionists, mentalists, and escape artists, will be attending the festival. They will put on large and small shows as well as private classes throughout the festival weekend. Other special events will be held as well. For example, in 2012, magic tricks were taught to blind children and their families as a way for the festival to give back to the community.
Acts at the International Magic Festival include escape tricks, illusions, card tricks, circus tricks, and much more. The shows and events are geared towards magic enthusiasts of all ages.


今年三月,英國的South Tyneside市歡迎魔術師和更多民眾蒞臨第十屆國際魔術節。許多全球最優秀傑出的魔術師都將參加這場盛會,當中包括幻術魔術師、心靈魔術師及脫逃魔術師等。在節慶舉行的整個週末期間,這些魔術師會進行各種大小型的表演,並提供私人的教學課程。節慶中還會舉辦一些其他的特殊活動。以2012年為例,舉辦單位便教導盲童及其家人如何變魔術,作為本節慶回饋社區的方法之一。


welcome (vt.) 歡迎
Michael’s family and friends held a huge party to welcome him back from the war.
illusionist (n.) 幻術魔術師
private (a.) 私人的,個人的
This is private property, so you cannot enter without permission.
give back to...  回饋給……
To give back to his hometown, the celebrity set up a community center that provides free classes.
be geared towards/to...  專門為……設計;適合於……
The training course was geared to those needing experience with that software.




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